Lueny Morell

In memoriam

Lueny Morell has been the founder alma mater of InnovaHiEd. Her tireless spirit and unlimited generosity made this initiative a space in which we met colleagues from different latitudes who, in many cases, ended up being friends, hers and each other. 

Her early passing has left us orphans of her friendship and her guidance, but we want to continue sharing what we have learned from her, keeping this initiative alive and honoring her memory as she would have liked: educating, creating and serving.

Lueny, a person as unique as her name

When her parents joined their own names to form hers, they were, without knowing it, marking the character and personality of a person who would leave a mark on all who knew her and, even more, on those who were able to enjoy her friendship, her confidence and her teachings. It was enough that a nun from her school told her that engineering was not suitable for women, so she strengthened her vocation and ended up being the only woman in her class of chemical engineers at the University of Puerto Rico.

And it was in Puerto Rico, her beloved country, where she met Waldy, her loving husband and partner, and where she raised her beautiful family. But her passion for engineering education took her to every corner of the planet. Her name is well known and recognized without borders, from Argentina to Canada, from Korea to India, from Spain to Russia; there has not been a corner of the world that has not received her wise lessons, that has not been motivated by her example of life.

It is not necessary to make a description of her professional background here, she has reached so many positions and honors that several pages would not be enough to list them. But the most important achievement in her long and fruitful career is the countless number of people around the world for whom she has been, and will continue to be, inspiration and motivation. Inspiration to try to realize what we dream of and motivation to improve what we do.

Her character and personality, and most of all her faith, allowed her to successfully face many challenges, always with courage and integrity. And so, it was until her last breath. She chose her way of life and also how to face the disease that took her from this earthly world. It is often said that when one learns to die, one learns to live. Lueny, with her attitude and courage, not only confirmed that she learned to live, but she continues to teach those of us who love her, admire her, and will not forget her.

Rest in peace dear Lueny!!

Lueny Morell Award


This Award recognizes a relevant initiative of teaching innovation in the field of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM), characterized by its significant contribution and impact on HE.

With this award, innovaHiEd Academy wants to honor the memory of its founder, Lueny Morell, a woman who was characterized by her ability to connect people and entities for educational improvement, with a truly global impact.

The initiative worthy of the Lueny Morell award will receive in recognition an economic compensation of USD 2,000, as well as the coverage of the expenses associated with participating in the award ceremony to be held during WEEF 2023 in Monterrey, Mexico, between October 23 and 27, 2023.

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